2008 401k Contribution Limit

I recently logged into my 401(k) and ratcheted up my contributions. I am a little shy of maxing out my 401k contribution limits and I am stretching myself to make sure I max it out. Since my wife is only contributing to a Roth IRA, I now feel a stronger need to stash more away for retirement.

The employee 2008 401k contribution limit is $15,500.

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I've been trying to find out... maybe you know - when is the deadline for 2007 contributions for both a 401K and a Roth IRA? Just by reading some things I've got the feeling that the deadline for 401K is December 31 and that Roth IRA is April 15? But what if you file taxes early? Any idea where I can find out at?

Have you done much research on the 72T rule for early 401K/IRA distribution without paying the 10% penalty? I have just recently heard about this law. Do you consider this a decent option for someone like yourself trying to retire early?

Deadline for 401(k) contributions is Dec 31st. IRA contributions have a deadline of April 15th (or tax deadline) of the following year.

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