Smart Couples Finish Rich Book Review

Well my wife and I finally completed our reading of Smart Couples Finish Rich. Was it everything I had hoped it would be?

The book doesn’t perform miracles, but it definitely helped my wife and I kickoff some important financial discussions we needed to have. I wouldn't say we are completely on the same page yet, but we definitely made some progress. I don't think you can over communicate about joint finances and we still have a ways to go till we are humming. Here's our journey with this book:

I really credit the book for sequencing topics in a constructive order -- Identifying values, then diving into boring items like retirement and insurance needs, then wrapping up on focusing on dreams. I can't say I learned anything new from the book, but I learned a lot from my wife thanks to us reading this book together.

Here are my tips for trying to do the same thing with your spouse:

  • You can't force your spouse to read this book with you if they aren't ready. Bring it up occasionally, and when your spouse becomes receptive for whatever reason, jump on the opportunity.
  • Sounds crazy, but I felt my wife got a lot more out of this experience by reading the book out loud to me. I thought it forced her to pay closer attention to a subject she doesn't have the interest level in that I do. Im really glad she was willing to do that for us.
  • There are slow parts in this book, so momentum is key to making sure you don't stall out in make your way threw the book. The Retirement and Security sections are not that exciting or inspiring.
  • My wife and I would go to Starbucks and splurge on drinks or have some margaritas while we read it. Find what it takes to make this more enjoyable for your spouse.

Bottom Line
A must read for any couple that wants to get into those big money discussions.

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I have followed your blog for a while now. I have learned a lot of great info. However, I would like to know a few more things. How do you chose your investments (stock especially)? How much time do you spend every week/month on finances?

I am 28 and am trying to save more and have learned a lot; however, I still do not feel knowledgeable about many investments and how to make the best decisions. I have read a lot of books but do not feel that they provide great step by step guides on how to do this properly. Just wondered how you got there. Thanks.

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