Free DVD Rentals at Redbox kiosks on Sundays

I stumbled upon these promo codes for free DVD rentals at Redbox Kiosks in Walmart on Sundays via slickdeals.

  • Week 12/7 – 11moms4uS
  • Week 12/14 – 11moms4uA
  • Week 12/21 – 11moms4uN
  • Week 12/28 – 11moms4uT
  • Week 1/4 – 11moms4uA

I had never really considered renting a DVD from these red soda-can like vending machines that are starting to pop up in grocery stores and apparently Walmarts. However, when its free, I take a closer look.

These Redbox machines allow you to search through their movie catalogue and rent a dvd until 9pm the next day for $1 + tax. Compare that to $3.99 at my local Blockbuster or $4 for Movies on Demand via the cable company and you have started to peak my interest.

As it turns out we have a Walmart less than 1 mile from where we are living. Its more convenient than Blockbuster and on the way to just about everything. So I swung by Walmart and decided to give the free rental a try.

To use the codes you just need to select "Rent with promo Code" on the main Redbox screen. Enter the code, select your movie, swipe your credit card (so they can start charging you if your late), and out comes your dvd.

Perhaps the main limitation is a Redbox kiosk has a limited selection of movies. They appear to be mostly stocked with recent releases (I would guess about 150 different movies were offered). New releases are what we typically rent so they kiosks could be great for us. The kiosk said they change movies every Tuesday and was promoting the new Batman movie which was being released the same day. Based on that it looks like they get the new movies out about the same day that Blockbuster does.

We ended up renting 3 movies for free last Sunday and enjoyed it. I am actually hooked - next time we are looking to rent a recently released movie we will definitely find a $1 Rental Redbox kiosk.

Some other notes about Redbox:

  • Also a potentially neat benefit from this service is you can rent from any Redbox and return to any Redbox. Anyone on a roadtrip could benefit tremendously from that convenience. I am already thinking about tugging our future child around on roadtrips and how much easier that sounds.
  • Give them your email address when you rent a DVD and you get a promo code good anytime for another free rental

  • They are have a promotion to give out free rentals on Mondays via text message (must be their slowest day of the week).
  • Google redbox promo codes and you'll likely find a bunch of promo codes out there for more free rentals.

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There are also codes for the kiosks (moviecube) at Krogers, HEB and Publix. Try THANK08 for one night of free movie rentals.

You can tell that you lived in China for a year ;-) We've had Red Box's for about 3 years in northern Virginia.

Red Box is good for current releases, but I also enjoy viewing a lot of older movies as well as TV shows and other types of media (documentaries, foreign films, etc.) While a lot of people seem to suggest avoiding Netflix these days (usually because it has a monthly fee), I am a great fan of their service precisely because I can request almost any movie ever released on DVD. It's roughly $19 a month after taxes (about the cost for 2 adults to see a single movie in the theater) for 3 DVDs at a time, but I am getting anywhere from 10 to 15 discs a month and I can easily get more than 20 discs in a single month if I made sure to view and return them very promptly. In my opinion the greatesst advantage is that they offer far more choices than any kiosk system or video store can hope to stock.

I go to to get the new codes. Some of the same codes also work for DVD Xpress.

One other thing nice about some Red Boxes is that you can book (secure) your movie online and pick it up later that day which I find pretty convenient. I hate going there and don't find anything I want to watch especially when there is somebody behind me sighing inpatiently. Check it out.

none of the Sunday codes worked 4 us, we've been tring them all month

I just rented another one this past Sunday. Are you trying the codes at Walmart? Supposedly they only work at walmart. I successfully rented from 2 different walmarts with these codes so far.

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