MS Money Going Bust

Wow I started using Microsoft Money back I think back in 1998 when I got a free copy from a Discover Card promotion. After over a decade of use, it looks like the software is going bust. Here is a link to the MS Money Product page with the announcement.

Important notice: Microsoft Money Plus will not be available for purchase after June 30, 2009. All purchased Money Plus products must be activated prior to Jan. 31, 2011.

Im a little ticked that this is going to force me to migrate to a new platform to track my personal finances. I think that is literally going to mean at least a weekend lost in trying to get up and running on something else. I never really loved the software, but we have come to depend on it to track all our transactions and I would be lost without it.

I currently have MSMoney 2007 which I believe is only good for 2 years and will expire later this year. I guess the next question is should I go run out and buy 1 more copy of MS Money to extend the amount of time to make the transition. However according to the Announcement FAQs Microsoft does not recommending upgrading from MS Money 2007 to the latest version before sales end - hmm.

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You should really check out It is free, web based so you can access it anywhere and the best part is that it has a really great interface and it easy to use.

Give gnucash a go.
Its free and cross platform.

Try Yodlee Moneycenter. Its powerful, its on the cloud, and you might as well go to the source - Yodlee is the financial data provider for ALL personal finance software anyway, (MS Money, Quicken,, literally every everyone).

I'm amazed that you have a weekend to devote to something like this considering you have a little baby at home now.

It shouldn't expire. You can continue using your current version as long as you like. Much like Windows or Office.

Steve, The program will work, but updates won't. No point in using it if it can't get account transaction updates or stock quotes.

Nate - I don't and thats my problem. I don't love MS Money but it works for me and I don't have the time or energy to migrate to a new tool.

Another vote for Yodlee Moneycenter (over mint). Mint is pretty, but Yodlee has been vetted longer.

I have tried Yodlee in the past, but never got into it. I will certainly be giving it another look now that I need a replacement. I remember setting up all my accounts, but thats it.

2million you are totally right. I spent a couple of days migrating my data from MS Money to Quicken Premier 2009. This is the only software that can accomplish everything Money does and maybe a little more. All the online services are for begginers.

I second the vote for Quicken. I've used Quicken and TurboTax for years.

I just spent the last week migrating to Mint (I tried quicken online, Mint is slightly better). I'm finally after multiple queries to their service team, able to connect to all of my accounts (one of which MS Money could not). Losing 2+ years of history is a major down side, the biggest problem for me is losing the projection graph, it's probably the feature I use the most.

MS Money will be missed, not b/c it's a fantastic piece of software but b/c of all the data it holds. If Quicken Premier 2009 will allow that data to be imported, I'll be getting that.

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