Baby 2million Turns One - My How Time Flies

We celebrated baby 2million's first birthday this weekend with the typically 1st birthday party fanfare. My wife worked long and hard for this big event, well above what I had expected when we discussed the get together with family and friends.

My daughter was showered with gifts big and small and her toy inventory nearly doubled. I enjoyed the celebration and was thankful for all the planning and work my wife put into the event. However at times it reminded me of some of the more stressful moments of our wedding preparations.

A couple days after the event I've been reassured of the grand scheme of things by the gift that has captured the majority of my daughter's limited attention so far; a large cardboard box one of her toys came in with flaps she can just barely open and close. A ~$2.00 plastic ball is a close second.

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congrats! my daughter turns 1 this Friday! She's our 2nd, and I remember how much work the 1 yr old birthday party was for our 1st, so we swore off birthday parties until they ask us for one =)

Yeah, that's usually how it goes with very small children. And pets, for some reason. My cat prefers cardboard boxes to toys with bells and lights.

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