2011 401k Contribution Limit

The IRS recently published the 401k contribution limits for 2011. The 401k contribution limit will remain unchanged for 2011.

401(k) Contribution Limit Catch-Up Contribution Limit
2011 $16,500 $5,500
2010 $16,500 $5,500
2009 $16,500 $5,500

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Unfortunately, some of us like me don't have 401K's to begin with. We have those things called 403bs and without any employer matching, which negates most of the reason to even have a 403b-401k.

I would suggest you exercise discretion when discussing 401(k) contributions. Many, like Steve, either do not have a 401(k) or are only just starting. There are inherent risks in any type of investing, but there are special considerations the younger folks need to take before making this investment decision.

Reccomendations, implied or otherwise, for these individuals to max out their contributions with no regard to the current macroeconomic outlook and sentiment can be harmful.

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