Are Energy Prices Skyrocketing?

We heat our home with a heat pump (upstairs) and propane furnace (downstairs). Last week we got a propane tank fill and was shocked with the bill that was left on the door. The price of propane was up to $3.73/gallon from $2.49/gallon when we last filled up in November. Thats a 50% increase in cost in 2 months!

This article suggests that most households haven't felt the impact of these higher-energy prices as they buy from large utilities with long term price contracts that haven't caught up to current energy prices.

Check out this graph from the US Energy Information Admin on NC propane prices:

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I heat my house with propane. Our local propane supplier offers a pre-buy plan. I bought at $2.35/gallon at the start of the heating season. I'm sure it's skyrocketed since then. This year we are augmenting with a wood stove -- which has cut our propane usage by 70% and saved us considerable $$.

Yeah we missed the boat on locking in the price at the beginning of the year; we did do it last year. That would have helped a bit.

I just received an increase in my gas (heating/hot water/cooking). It jumped 6%. I think it is the start of bigger increases. Here comes inflation!

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