A Simple Way To Re-Invigorate Yourself at Your Job

Lately I have been feeling a bit run down at work. Some things haven't gone my way in the past several months and I've been in the doldrums about my position in general. Lets just say my feet have been dragging and motivation has been very hard to come by.

We'll I just spent all Memorial Day cutting up a large tree that fell over at a rental property. 8 hours in the heat working harder than I have in years. I suddenly have a smile on my face in the office. All it took was a day of hard labor cutting up and hauling large sections of a tree to realize how good I have it at in my job.

Its all about perspective. Regardless of politics, atmosphere, growth opportunities, future prospects, etc my job is fantastic compared to cutting down trees (or other physical labor). My office has air conditioning, my time isn't monitored (ex I don't check in, check-out), good benefits, flexibility, and the pay is a lot better. Plus at the end of the day I typically don't come home with my whole body aching or blisters.

All it took was a day of hard physical labor to realize I got it pretty good. That put a smile on my face and a spring in my step real quick.

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I've had similar experiences. Office life never feels so good as when you've tasted the alternative.

I bet you felt really good about yourself until you realized that you work at IBM and will likely be laid off in a few years...

I'm in the work doldrums myself... but I keep reminding myself that I'd rather have a job I don't love than no job at all.

Happiness based on position relative to others? I guess, don't look at, read about or imagine anyone better off or you will be right back to square 1.

Thanks for sharing this! Yes it is all about perspective, isn't it? Just what I needed to read.

I have been following your blog for a while, and wonder what you think about the aging and retiring of the baby-boomers and the "dumbing-down" of America... it seems to me that even if loose-lending standards hand't killed the housing market, the baby-boomers retiring and liquidating their assets to live-off-of would have caused housing to fail. The boomers think of first and second homes as investments, now they will downsize and use the cash from those investments to live as they are no longer employed. This is the same for stocks... sure, some young kids will buy stocks for their 401k's etc., but think of the aging work-force who have stashed stocks in their retirement funds... the boomers are starting to retire... the stocks will get sold for the boomers to live and even if they -will- those assets, most likely they will be liquidated by their heirs. Speaking of the young kids with 401k's, American rankings in math and science have fallen year after year. China prodcues ~8 million Engineering graduates per year while the US produces ~400,000... the future, as you know, is in technology... the US is not producing engineers and scientists, we are producing lazy, spoiled, liberals who support and drain entitlement programs... who will pay for the bank bailouts? Who pays for the irresponsible who used their home like an ATM and now walk-away? How many people default as opposed to pay their debts? Many boomers grew up too proud to default... these non-producing kids don't care. You and I and the responsible will pay... with inevitably higher taxes, so all the money you pour into your pre-tax retirement funds, may grow untaxed, but wait until you pull that money out... I believe things will get much worse over the next 20-30 years... I am glad I am not 18... what is your take on all this?

You can always calm your self down, not necessarily by cutting trees. Just turn on TV and look at Africa, India, Western Europe.

It is all about - what do you really want? Cutting trees, working at a post office - depends what are your expectations and needs.

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