Free $5 Credit for Amazon Video

Amazon Video $5 Credit for linking your Amazon and Twitter account. Follow directions after logging into your Amazon account to link your accounts and get an instant Amazon Video $5 credit.

We recently purchased a refurbished Sony Bluray player for $60 that has some Internet apps including Crackle, Amazon Video, YouTube, etc. I have linked my Amazon account to the player and have watched a couple free tv shows available on Amazon. I did like how seemless the service appeared to be and I will use this credit to probably rent a movie on Amazon and check out the service a bit further.

Will I use Amazon Video Much?
Not likely unless there is more free content. The price of their movie rentals are too high (typically $1.99-$3.99) for a 24-hr rental, but the convenience is kinda nice. For now our tv/movie entertainment is primarily provided by Redbox and our low cost internet tv box and Xbox media extender.

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