Double Cashback Bonus In Birthday Month on Discover Card

Here is an easy promotion if you already have a Discover card - sign up to get double cashback bonus for your birthday month. You'll earn 2% Cashback Bonus on up to $500 in purchases from the first day of the birthday promotion month for which you enroll (or the date on which you sign up, whichever is later) through the last day of that month.

My birthday is in May and it won't let me sign up as it indicates my birthday has already passed, but Im thinking I may be able to enroll in January if they still run the promotion next year.

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2% on $500 is just $10. not worth the aggravation. i just signed up for a USBank checking acct with direct deposit for a $150 bonus. i needed a checking account anyway and probably would have done it for $50 plus they only charged me $5 for my first (and only) order of checks. the offer was sent to "resident" within a few mile radius of the branches. the default offer is $75 or $100.

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