Marriott Hotels Summer Promotion Get 1 Free Night After 2 Stays

While on my recent last minute business trip I did what I could to take advantage of hotel chain promotions to maximize rewards. Here are a couple summer promotions that caught my eye:

I was able to earn the equivalent of a couple free nights from a total of 7 nights at various hotels on my business trip. These free hotel nights will make for a nice short getaway for my family in a couple weeks.

Additional Tips for Maximizing Company Travel:

  • Look around and assess each travel option. Its a time investment but after looking at all the options available during the course of my trip I was able to earn additional bonus points and free nights by mixing up my nights at various hotels.
  • While on per diem I try to maximize lunches and go with a light dinner or skip entirely to keep my expenses low.
  • I also visit a local grocery store once I arrive at my destination to pick up snacks, drinks/beer, and light food items to minimize dining expenses.

Any other suggestions for maximizing business travel benefits?

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