April 2013 Net Worth Update (+$13,409)

Highlights for April

  • We like to take advantage of 0% APR balance transfers and other credit card offers for free money. We earned a $500 bonus on our last offer on new Capital One Spark credit card.
  • Our properties are listed on our balance sheet based on their cost basis, not current market value. We did this while the real estate market was riding high and we continue to do it now during the slide. I believe real estate is too illiquid to list based on recent sale transactions. For those interested, our April Zillow property estimates are: $193,593; $121,465; $296,140 (which recently appraised for $270k); and $233,195.
  • Re-renting our 1st rental which has a lease ending in July was my primary focus in April. I outsourced some landscaping $310, exterior painting $1450, and purchased a new lawnmower $147. I was able to sign a 2 year lease and still raise the rent a bit. I am feeling good that the heavy lifting on this project is done for now.
  • April was a disappointing month from an investment perspective. My actively managed portfolio lost value, while the VTI benchmark gained a little. I'll post my investing report shortly.

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Great job getting a 2-year tenant! how did you manage? did you push the issue or their idea?

sorry about your investments...but your net worth is headed in the right direction!!

2 year lease was tenant's idea initially, I offered to drop the rent $25/mo with the longer lease.

"We did this while the real estate market was riding high and we continue to do it now during the slide."

These it seems like the market is getting rather hot again. I'm guessing your properties are worth much more than cost basis now, although I can't recall the year you bought each of them in. In any case, another good month :)

Hello 2million

it is really inspiring to read your blog and your journey towards your goals...

To be honest, i followed you years ago when we were at the same level of net worth and then forgot you for a while, working like crazy for my company and not for myself (same company, different country)... putting away my plans for later...

Net result : you crossed the 1million mark and i am still thinking about starting again my journey toward this mark even if i keep saving...

It is a good reminder about the importance of doing things instead of thinking things...

However, I was wondering...you are well diversified... but most of the growth of your wealth comes from stock accounts doesnt it ?

if my understanding is correct, out of 150k of past year annual growth, 70% to 80% comes from the stock market, is that correct ?

if yes, arent you afraid to have a reverse performance if the market goes south ? (of course, i understand that last time in 2008 it wasnt such a big deal for you...

Hope to hear from you... in the mean time, i ll go back to my homework...

Thanks for your blog !


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