Frugal Family Passport Holder

As part of our planning for our international journey to China with our kids, I wanted to find a convenient way to keep the families passports organized. I can barely keep up with my own, but the best solution for me has been to keep it in a selected pant pocket during travel. I was a little nervous with the prospects of keeping up with 4 passports, birth certificates, etc. After all, if we misplace 1 passport, the whole family gets sidetracked.

I looked around online for family passport holders and didn't find a whole lot of options. Those available to hold 4+ passports were expensive.

Ultimately I decided to use a pencil pouch from Dollar General for $1 and it worked great. I purchased several of these zippered pouches in different colors @ Dollar General and used them to keep several things organized in our travel bags - passports, kids crayons/activities, baby diapers/wipes, etc.

I ended up tucking our 4 passports, birth certificates, pens, cash, itineraries, and boarding passes in one pouch and clipping it onto a lanyard tied to my bag so I wouldn't lose it. I'm not going to win any fashion awards, but in my mind trip survival is the name of the game with the young kids in tow.

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2million, my admiration goes out to you for not abandoning this blog after so many years. I wish you a speedy and comfortable 2 million, and look forward to you expanding your blog and posting more regularly after your retirement.

Edwin, Thanks for the kind comment. I'm looking forward to the point when I can post more regularly and have more freedom with my time in retirement ;-).

It's the "small" things that add up, over time! We do stuff like this all the time. Our kids have even turned it into a bit of a game, trying to figure out how to re-purpose. Rock on!

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