Financial Freedom Plan - 2015 Update

I finally sat down to get an updated view of our progress towards our financial freedom plan that I laid out a few years go in terms of asset allocation.

Some notes:

  • Our asset allocation to fixed income (interest) will continue to be a gap for us while government drive the low interest rate environment. No sense in putting assets to work here as generally the return is not worth the risk in my opinion. If interest rates normalize well likely shift focus to here.
  • Our invest-able cash flow focus has been on paying down the rental mortgages over the past couple years, but that has not kept pace with the growth of our retirement assets.

No major course corrections for now. We will continue to pay down rental mortgages to boost cash flow, build cash savings, and continue to take advantage of tax incentives to save in retirement vehicles.

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Do you have a backup plan if interest rates don't normalize anytime soon? What I'd you hit the $2 million mark and want to retire but can't count on interest income? Will you switch to a stock/bond mix of taxable investments until you can tap your retirement accounts?

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