Transferring Brokerage Assets to Sharebuilder

I have decided to consolidate some of my DRIP and brokerage accounts to simplify my finances and reduce account fees. Since I am most frustrated with my Etrade account I decided to start by pulling everything out of this account and transferring it to my Sharebuilder account.

Here is the progress I have made so far:

1) I decided to do this now since its the beginning of the quarter which should give me the most time to leave my Etrade account open and get everything transferred before they charge me a service fee of $40.

2) I needed to figure out what Etrade was going to charge me to move these assets. I had 3 stock investments and some cash sitting in my Etrade account. Currently, Etrade's fees were $25 are a partial transfer and $60 for a full account transfer. I decided to request a transfer of the 3 stock holdings hoping Etrade would only charge me $25 for the partial transfer, then I could just transfer out the cash in the account via an online transfer. I am hoping this will save me money.

3) Next I went to Sharebuilder's web site to find out how to do a transfer. Sharebuilder has a Transfer Assets to Sharebuilder form. I had to fill it out, listing the assets I wanted to transfer, get it notarized at the local bank, then fax it along with a recent Etrade statement to Sharebuilder.

4) Unfortunately, Sharebuilder is not an ACATS (Automated Customer Account Transfer System) eligible broker, so the transfer of assets must be done manually.

5) I got an email the same day I sent the request from Sharebuilder saying they have received my request and it could take 4-5 weeks to transfer.

6) Now I wait and see.

Followup: Transfer to Sharebuilder Complete.

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DATE: 11:37 AM
My company's Restricted Stock awards are going to be managed by Etrade (not vesting until 2009, though). Reading your experience with that company does give me a bad vibration. I'll probably cash out as soon as the Restricted Stock vests, and hopefully I won't have to pay a huge fee. It's a nice set-up for Etrade -- they'll collect fees from everyone (tens of thousands) within our company...

DATE: 11:23 AM
$2M,What really upsets me is that etrade is charging transfer fees. And big fees at that!My previous brokers didn't. Get out of eTrade as quickly as you can. Anyone that will dog you with extra fees is bad news.Have a wonderful Friday,

Peopel have account with etrade they should get out to avoid account fee. You can shop around and find that other brokers they do not charge on account fee.

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