What Will I Do When I Get $2 Million?

To me it seems obvious, to others its a total mystery. What will you do when you become financially free?

I believe my goal of a $2 million net worth will allow me to continue to live a moderate middle class lifestyle (assuming many things including modest inflation) for the remainder of my life, given the right investment strategy. Nothing extravagant, but enough to get by. To me this is an important goal because I see my life being much more than my hopefully shorter than average working career at my employer.

People often ask what I plan on doing when I become financially free. Truth is, I don't immediately expect to stop working, but rather begin a longer term shift in my priorities and focus areas. Work/income generation should begin to play a significantly less role in my life and I hope to begin focusing on other things I want to accomplish in my life that are important to me.

Given the freedom of being able to hopefully sustain my family on my net worth, I would be free to pursue activities without having to be largely concerned about the financial impacts (ie the pay or lack there of wouldn't be a factor). Maybe that means starting another business, becoming a teacher, being a full-time parent, becoming a full time volunteer or a bit of each.
I don't know yet just what I will be doing once I reach my goal. Whatever it is, it will be something I'll be looking forward to over the next couple years.

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I think you are in the right track. I'm sure that when you stop working for the money (I don't mean for free) but for the enjoyment on what you do, you will make more money than ever.

I retired in 2006 at 51 years of age from a very well known computer manufacturer who recently sold their PC division in RTP to a Chinese company. I then got my dream job as a Teacher Assistant with full benefits, (including those elusive Health Care benefits,) and have never been happier. I made my money while I "worked" for a living. Now it's time to enjoy the fruits of that labor.

I am one of the lucky people who gets paid a great 6-digit income straight out of school doing a job i love (now 30 years old). when I reach 2mil, i will continue doing the same career but get to chose my projects and never work on one i don't want to do. and if there are no good projects going on, i can take a long vacation with 0 stress about money. that is the true luxury, and the most anyone can ask for in life. the key to happiness is being creative and contributing to the world. i hope i die doing what i love, not sitting on a yacht. thats why people like steve jobs are billionares and still are at work until midnight when they are 50 because they know if they stop working (read:being creative) life will suck.

I'm not really looking for a certain net worth in order to "retire" and move on to what I really want to do. I focus more on investing for cashflow. This will then reduce my reliance on any sort of job. Once my investment cashflow is as much as my income, I consider myself financially free. This won't really take $2 million.

I do, however, applaud your goals and hope very much that you reach them.


Is 2 million enough? 1 million of net worth gets you to be in the top 8%. Not sure where 2 mill will get you but each year that passes the value of that 2 mill goes down.

I just read Tim Ferriss's book, The Four Hour Workweek, and he addresses some of the things you could do before retirement. Take a mini-retirement, for example. Live abroad for a month.

It's a good book.

My net worth is around $40 million after almost 20 years at the big M. I sometimes think I should retire but what would I do? And I do enjoy writing code that lots of people use.

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