Crossing the Half-Millionaire Mark

This month my wife and I crossed the Half-Millionaire mark on our journey to financial freedom. Half-Millionaire has a nice ring to it.

To celebrate my wife and I are staying in tonight, heating up some soup for dinner, and watching a movie since we have been over budget in our food/dining spending recently.

We have now reached about 25% of our financial freedom goal, but I actually feel like I am already there. Technically we could start to coast, take the foot off the career gas pedal, and if we can just maintain our savings rate there would be a reasonable chance that we would be financially free in ~10 years (give or take).

On the other hand with all the life planning we are doing, our savings ability could be changing drastically over the next couple years. Guess its a bit premature to feel like we can coast to the finish line.

Its been 2 years, 2 months since I reached 10% of our financial freedom goal.

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Congratulations on reaching this milestone - and in very quick time too ($200K to $500K in two and a bit years).

I'd agree that stepping off the gas may not be the best plan. All sorts of things can happen between now and then which could disrupt your plan.

That is just awesome! but don't get comfortable! Pound away at the goal as hard and as long as possible... I bet you surpass your 2 million mark easily that way!

That is a great milestone, and one that many people would love to get to. Of course, with the big celebration you're having, it's easy to see why you have reached this goal! Now, if only more people would do something similar more often, then they would reach the heights you have.

Way to go!!


Congrats, that's great!

That's awesome, I've been following your journey since 06. You have been an inspiration to help get my finances in order. Please continue and do not let your guard down.


Congratulations, having a 1/2 million net worth is far more than most people ever achieve. Good for you.

I look forward to reading your posting when you break the millionaire mark.



First, congrats! That's a major milestone.

Second, do you feel a great since of fulfillment by meeting the milestone? I've set (and reached) similar financial goals during the years that have passed since I graduated from college and although I had built up the goals and been very excited for the day I met them, ultimately meeting those goals weren't as satisfying as I thought...just a change in a number on paper. On the flip-side, there are many other smaller, unexpected things that have given me more pleasure and satisfaction, such as adopting a new pet and having a baby on the way. Just food for thought.

Another question:
are you happy with your current company? Have you considered a new position where you might be compensated significantly better? A change in your job (but not career) may springboard you onto a new trajectory.


Way to go!!! You are well on your way to achieving your goal. That's what it takes discipline and focus. Keep the momentum going!!!

Congrats. I remember reaching the half way point of my goal as well. What a great feeling. Enjoy.

Congratulations! Assuming a 7,3% return or your 500K, your are earning $100 a day from your portfolio. That's over $4 each and every single hour of your life. I bet you sleep well and have great frugal sex! (Just joking)

Congratulations. That is quite a milestone. I think you are a testament to setting goals. If you don't have specific, measurable goals, then you will never achieve them.

Congratulations! That is the next milestone I am reaching for as well. I believe that if you set goals, you will be more motivated to reach your goal.

Congratulations 2million! Wonderful! I have also celebrated this month reaching our half-millionaire status. It definitely feels good!

Do you have a guess as to when you will reach the three-quarter-millionaire status? 2 years? Less?

Lastly, I'll echo one of the other commentors: remember to enjoy life while you're building towards financial freedom! Yes that new pet or the milestones of your children are precious -- in fact they are the essence of life.

Congratulations. Milestones are great ways to relight the fire to fight even harder towards our goals.
Your blog inspired me as I am working for my own goals.



Outstanding. Very inspirational.

What an awesome mark in life. At this pace, 2 million will be a breeze :)

Congratulations on achieving a big milestone. Have enjoyed reading your blog. May you achieve future goals in glorious fashion, banish your enemies, and pleasure their women.

"May you achieve future goals in glorious fashion, banish your enemies, and pleasure their women."

Never heard that; great line!

Just started reading your blog and want to congratulate you on your accomplishment. Wish you well on your future endeavors.

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