A Reminder About How "Stuff" Costs Us

I have always described myself as a non-material guy - after all I pride myself on living on less back home and avoid buying "stuff" as much as possible. It allows me to save and invest more of my income.

However, I re-realized just how much "stuff" I actually have when I went on our current assignment. I am having to pay for a storage unit to hold my "stuff" while we are away on assignment since I rented out my house and did not merge my "stuff" with my wife's "stuff" before we came over.

This "stuff" is really costing me more than I ever accounted for - not only did I have to pay for these depreciating assets, I now am having to pay for space to store them. When we get back to the US we are going to have to buy a house big enough to hold all this stuff.

I need to get rid of more stuff. This was going to happen regardless since we got married and still need to sort through our household items to figure out what we can get ride of. Ofcourse you know my "stuff" is not as nice as her "stuff". The less stuff we have the smaller the home we could settled down in and the more spacious the home will feel.

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Keep in mind now that you're married, that people also take up space.
I'm uncertain who takes up more space - people or stuff. But then again, little people require lots of stuff (diaper boxes are very big)!
I don't think you can shrink your home beyond a certain point.
I do know people who hate getting big gifts becuase they live in small apartments. Actually, it's led to some very rude and ungracious comments. So maybe there's a philosophy about anti-stuff that has a deep and emotional meaning for many people.
Regardless, fewer people, less stuff.
Regards, makingourway

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