Success is a Journey, Not a Destination

I was really struck today by a passage in an audiobook I'm currently listening to from the library titled Three Feet from Gold by Sharon Lechter.

"You might wake up one day and discover your have accumulated a million dollars when in reality you may still not have achieved success."

"As writer Ben Sweetland wrote 'success is a journey and not a destination'. Success it is a way of life and it will continue as long as you live. Its about discovering your ultimate purpose and pursuing it with everything you have and everything you do."

I'm not sure I can say I'm on the journey to success. Working a corporate engineering manager job where I'm pursuing survival and a regular paycheck doesn't necessary fit that definition very well. I've sort of always thought to a certain extent that once we hit financial freedom I will be focusing on what I find personally rewarding.

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Hey 2mil,
Good observation, I give this from a fellow expat perspective. I took the shortcut to fiscal success, but this is no substitute to feeling sustainable achievement. I feel that this is prevalent in US culture, but I'm heartened by the artisans building our cabinets and custom furnishings - they are truly skilled and throw themselves into their work. I am at a loss now that I've achieved financial independence - maybe I should help others, but should I sacrifice? I began to write a novel at one point, I've volunteered in Haiti.... but the drive is lacking. I wish I had done more prior to FI, now it all feels superficial. There is a lot to prepare for even after you are, officially, 2 million.

Sambuca, can you describe how you achieved financial independence? I think the forum readers, including me, would love to hear. Thanks.

"Success is a Journey, Not a Destination".

I like this title. I hope you didn't plagiarize this title :-)

Earl Nightengale gets the credit for "Success is a journey, not a destination." I think.

It's a maxim that has guided me well all my adult life.

Sam pittsburgh, 51 1.5M

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