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You can learn more about our net worth goal and our net worth benchmark that we use to make sure we are on track.

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I've enjoyed reading your blog over the last four years, especially the clarity of your goal, your content, and your diligence in posting. I just re-read your net worth posting and wonder if you still think $2MM gives you the freedom you need to pursue your lifestyle and personnel goals.

This post was written in 2005 and so much has changed in our economy and no doubt in your own life. Is $2MM still enough?

Great work! It appears as if you are well on your way and will reach $2 million well before you planned. With that in mind have you thought about retiring earlier or will you plan on adjusting your goal? I'm assuming that you would be on par to reach $3 million with how well you are doing currently.

Wow, if we had what you have now, we would have already declared ourselves financially independent.

We are frugal people, though, and are on track to make that declaration in 2 yrs w/under a million.

Wow - Im curious about your situation and how you'll address healthcare once your financially free with under $1 million? Healthcare is still a wild card for me with a $2 million goal - do you have access to free/low cost healthcare insurance somehow?

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