Looks to be a great deal for Thanksgiving

A perfect compliment to a free turkey is a good deal on all the stuff you need to cook it! Between this deal for all the preparation materials and a free turkey with rebate I can put together a nice turkey meal for about $7.11.

I found this deal at SD for a nonstick roaster pan, rack, carving utensils, large cutting board and turkey serving platter from Linens N Things. Purchase the Culinary Essentials Roaster Set and receive the Turkey Completer Set for free. Use a 20% coupon (coupon code: 935339071363) to save an additional $4 off the purchase price and then receive $10 back on a rebate. Your net cost is $5.99 + tax.

Purchase includes:
-18" x 14" wooden cutting board
-18.5" x 14.5" oval platter
-8" carving knife
-7" meat fork
-16"x12"x3.75" Rack

$19.99 (Roasting Set) + $19.99 (Carving Set) -$19.99 (discount at purchase) -$4 (20% coupon), -$10 (mail in rebate) = $5.99 + tax

Yesterday I purchased this online and request in store pickup to avoid shipping fees. Last night I was able to pick up my order and was surprised to find them well stock for this promotion - if you have a physical $5 off $15 coupon from the LnT mailer you could save an additional $1 off the purchase price if you purchased in store instead of online. I also questioned the associate at the store since the web site said the set included a baster (which it did not) and the associate gave one to me for free (note: as of this morning the web site description no longer says includes baster).

After inspecting my purchase I am pleased with what I received - I think its a great deal for the money.

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DATE: 4:35 PM
Not bad! Smart man! You always hear of some poor soul burning the house down after trying to deep-fry a turkey :)

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