How I Handle Rebates

Nowadays, it seems like everything I purchase has a rebate. Even the beer I buy often has a rebate. As I type this I have over 10 rebates mailed out waiting for the checks to roll in. Since rebate checks have a funny habit of not appearing I have a system to manage my "Pending Rebates".
Heres my system:
1) Collect all materials needed to satisfy rebate
2) Fill out the forms
3) Photocopy everything and add photocopies to "Pending Rebates" folder
4) Mail in rebate
5) When rebate is received, staple check stub to photocopies and remove from "Pending Rebates" folder

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I haven't bought anything that offers a rebate in years. Maybe I'm not buying the right things. What sort of goods are we talking about?

I hate rebates, but I cant pass them up either. I've gotten a 19" LCD monitor w/ speakers for $104 after a $100 rebate from pcconnection. I just got my office depot $200 rebate for a laptop I bought and resold on blackfriday. If your willing to do the work (most people arent), then rebates are worth it, just gotta remember to keep up all documentatino and stick it to them when they dont pay up.

Yeah, I have a similar system. I ALWAYS get my rebates (eventually lol)!

I also do the similar steps. Except that I keep digital copies. Seems to be working for 3 years now. :)

Good approach, I think I might have to start using it. Though lately it seems very few things I buy have rebates on them.

I have to say I love rebates, however I probably have bought things I should have passed up because of them. I also have a "system" to track rebates. I think you have to to be sucessful.

Your post inspired me to blog about this subject om my own infant blog


I have a very similar system for rebates. I always get the rebates too. If I don't I usually call the rebate company and sometimes go to the store and complain nicely to the manager. They can usually give you money out of the register or call the rebate company and get it processed. A few times I've done that I get the cash and then subsequently receive a rebate check also.
Another way to get free money is like this. I have only done this a few times, but it does work. I'll purchase Gillette refill razors with coupons that give you a free razor also. Since I already have a razor, I'll take the free razor back to the store after a few days or weeks. This works well at Walmart since they don't check to see if you used a coupon on the receipt. As long as you have the receipt they ask no question other than is there something wrong with it. Walmart will get their money back from the Mfg with the coupon, it's the Mfg that is getting hit. Oh, I usually charge the purchase on my GM card earning 5%. I know I didn't really pay for the razor since it was free after coupon, so I didn't earn the GM 5% on it. When I get my money back, Walmart gives me cash (or gift card if I ask) since it's under $20 and I have a receipt. This it nice and does not take 5% away from my GM earnings. Try the free coupon then return the item it works. Good luck!

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