Lowes Light Bulb Rebate Error

Just recently I purchased some floucent light bulbs at Lowes that were offered "free after rebate". I purchased 2 packs for myself (@ $7.98 a pack) and mailed the rebate in. However, I only received a rebate for $7.98 - 1/2 of what I was expecting.

Luckily I have a system I use to handle rebates and had copies of everything I submitted. The rebate details clearly state that there is a limit of 2 per household so I am still due $7.98.

I drafted a letter and included copies of everything I submitted. Heres the letter if anyone had the same problem:


Lowes Rebates
PO Box 750000
El Paso, TX 88575-0336

Dear Lowes
On [Date] I purchased 2 packs of the Bright Effect Mini Twist Lightbulbs which your store had a promotional offer of a $7.98 rebate on each pack of bulbs. The offer was for a limit of 2 packages. I supplied the required information in my rebate request (see enclosed copies) but only received a rebate of $7.98. I believe the rebate request was incorrectly processed and I should receive an additional rebate of $7.98 for the 2nd pack of bulbs I purchased.
Please see enclosed copy of my rebate request and the stub I received with my partial rebate.


This is when rebates become a real pain. Rebate processing firms love to throw a myriad of conditions and exclusions into their rebate terms that help get them out of paying up. We will see how this goes.

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I believe there is a typo in your message. I hope it is just an error copying it to your blog.

"...for the 2nd pack of bulbs I purchases." I think it should be "purchased". Just trying to help out.

Thanks for the typo catch Phil!

Just FYI - I have submitted the rebate for 2 packs just like you and a few weeks later i got a letter saying that i did not include the receipt, even though i did. I also keep the receipts of everything i submit, so i called them at the number in the letter. They said no problem we'll resubmit for you and a couple of weeks later i got a check for the correct amount. You might want to call them and explain. This would save you the 39 cent postage too ;)

Sorry to hear it didn't work out the first time. I also purchased two sets of the these light bulbs (great minds must think alike) when Lowes ran the deal. Although, I was worried this very thing was going to happen and put each light bulbs product on a separate receipt --- two different credit cards. My check came through fine, thankfully.

I've had times where this very thing has happened before --- even when the promotion clearly states that multiple items can be purchased. Whenever that is advertised, however, I still try and separate the purchases on different cards.....just in case. That's my 2 cents worth of advise. :)


2 Million,

Good for you for putting this up. I think its important that people learn to cope with company rebate issues.



I can understand the approach of luring the consumer with a free after rebate item and then banking on a percentage of people never filling out the rebate forms. But I have had WAY too many submittals denied when I know I supplied all the required information for this to be bad luck or random incompetence on the part of the processing centers. It seems like some sort of investigation is overdue.

I hate rebates. Why can't they just discount initially. It's all a scam!

this might be like rubbing salt over a fresh wound, but i need to say it like it is - i used the same card (two separate purchases, two separate receipts), mailed my request at the same time (different envelopes though), and received the rebates at the same time.

on the other hand, my gripe is that these bulbs have a purported warranty of seven years on them, and of the last set i purchased (without/before the rebate - i paid full price as i am a sucker for saving energy!), three-four have conked out (i have been poor at keeping track of them). so today, i opened the set i purchased a couple of months back, put two up, and noted today's date and that i had purchased them at lowe's. let's see how long they last!

- s.b.

I bought the bulbs for the rebate after reading your original post. Having not received it, I went online (I scanned my submission, so referred to the URL on the submission receipt) and emailed Lowe's about the rebate. This was after the site said there was no record of my submission.

These things frustrate the hell out of me. On Black Friday I purchased several rebate items from Office Depot and had to chase after each of them. I've finally collected all but one $20 rebate from them.

I keep documentation for EVERY rebate submission. Regardless whether you follow each and every step properly, it seems there are always problems getting rebates.

There should be some penalty on companies that do this. Maybe if they had to pay interest on rebates that aren't timely paid, they would be more responsive. As it is now, there isn't much incentive to promptly (and properly) pay out rebates.

i agree with jon k.

once, i got a rejection notice on a mail-in rebate. knowing full well that i had done everything right, i called the number on the rejection notice.

the rep asked my name, address, etc. and basically said that she i would approve it. i barely had to say anything. she couldn't tell me why it was rejected in the first place. someone tell me why i needed to call!!

- s.b.

Just a quick update. I emailed Lowe's, and they emailed back with about 12 questions referencing my receipt and purchase. Within a few hours of my responding, they emailed back saying the rebate was approved and would be mailed. I didn't have to resend anything- just answer their questions. Still...that shouldn't be necessary!

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