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I swung by a Lowes Home Improvement Store Saturday morning and noticed they have the Bright Effects 13w Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (4-pack) for $7.98 plus a $7.98 rebate. These energy efficient light bulbs are equivalent to 60w light bulbs and have a 8x longer average rated life than a traditional light bulb. The package suggests they will save you $37 in energy costs over the life span of each bulb.

I have always wanted to try out some of these energy efficient light bulbs to see if they make a difference in my electric bill. At "Free after rebate", the price was right. I purchase 4 packs (limit of 2 per household). Two packs for my fiancee and two for myself - thats 16 money saving bulbs for $0.78 (stamps for 2 rebate forms) + tax.

Update: I believe the offer is valid 12/7-12/21.

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That's a pretty great deal, however I'm not sure: can you use these on dimmers??

Is it still going on at Lowes?

I picked up 2 packs myself - can't beat free after rebate plus enegry savings. But is not your fiancee part of the household? Usually when it says that, it means that limit is 2 packs per one address.

Anyway, i mailed two rebate forms for 7.98 each in the same envelope with one copy of the receipt - hopefully it will work.

My fiancee and I currently have seperate addresses.

Now this is a good post. Informative, well written, and easy to understand and follow up on. Great job! (I bought 10 of these a few months ago and they work great... my electric bill was down 30 bucks last month... not sure how much of this was the new bulbs, i'll have to compare over time...)
Keep it up,
You rock!

How do they compare when it comes to the actual light they give off?

I put 1 bulb in a lamp (with lamp shade) and it looked like it gave the same amount of light off. I suspect its a little less bright, but not really noticeable.

The only problems I had in the past were that some of the bulbs were either non-working or there was a problem and they stopped working shortly after.

I'm the proud owner of eight of these bulbs now. They're a lot brighter than I expected them to be. It's also a very white light, not yellow at all. Some people like the white light, I think it looks like they belong in an operating room.

I still like them though - I just need some time to adjust.

Was there a rebate form near the light bulbs? Stopped by Lowe's tonight and saw the light bulbs, but no rebate offer.

I've been using them for over two years now and I love them. The only problem I have is that I can't use them everywhere. Without them working on dimmers, ceiling fans, and such, it's just that I can't use as many of them as I'd like.

The rebate form was printed as part of the receipt when I checked out.

the rebate form is available at, look under "fashion electrical"

I could not find the offer on Is this available only in stores?

BTW we bought a six pack of 13W type bulbs from walmart 2 months ago for our living room where we spend most of our evening time. We love them and are saving some electricity :)

Are similar ulbs available for recessed lights (e.g. in kitchen) which normally takes the triangular shaped bulbs?

I found that the lower voltage bulbs are too dull. I went and got the 100 w bulbs which work great for me. I beleive that they use 35 watts of electricity which is still a good savings.

Lowes sent a check for $7.98 even though I enclosed (and copied for myself) all the necessary info for 2 rebates. The Lowes ad clearly stated 2 rebates per family

Yes I had the same problem. I need to dig up my copies and try and resubmit - if anyone has gotten the rebate for 2 packs let us know.

I also turned in the lowes for myself and one for my parents. I bought 2 and both my parentas and myself only got rebates for one instead of 2. I woefully didnt think it was neccessary to make copies. does anyone have an email addy or number I can use to pitch a bitch?

I bought a package of two 75 outdoor spotlights one worked for 3 nights and the other one didn't work at all. I complained to Lowes and they returned my money I also called the number on the package to complain and they sent me one replacement indoor use only bulb which was broken upon arrival. Since I wasn't out anything I just forgot about the broken bulb and chalked it up as a bad deal. Like a fool I purchased two more 65 watt indoor floods by Bright Effects one worked and the other didn't. I would not recommend Bright Effect bulbs to anyone. I also purchased four Sylvania bulbs for a slightly higher price and they all worked. The savings in gasoline not having to return them will more than make up the price difference.

I got some in November 2006 when I redid our kitchen lighting. One bulb went out after a month or 2, another went out last week, and I just lost 2 more this morning.

These things are supposed to last over 5 years, not less than 6 months.

I'm going to see if I have any receipts so I can take all of them back.

Meantime, I got some spotlights from either Sams or Walmart, so I'm unsure of the brand, but they've been working outside my home for a year and a half now.

Home depot also sells a brand called commercial electric I think. I got a 12 pack for riht around $20, and they've been reliable so far as well.

DO NOT BUY BRIGHT EFFECT BULBS (#80424). I purchased 8 bulb to replace my 65 watt ceiling bulbs. Four (4) have burned out within 2 months when they are advertised to last up to 5 years. I did not expect the "UP TO" as meaning only 2 months. I tried calling the 800 number on the package but only get a message to leave a message. BUT, the message box was full so I couldn't. I filed a complaint with the FTC on this company.

Am I the only one to find the lifetime and cost savings figures to be vastly exaggerated in real life?

First they tell you to not turn them on and off a lot - true, as this shortens their life. Myself, I have a longstanding habit of just using the lights I need (I have many more lights in my house than I would EVER turn on all at once, so I can light what I need to when I need to). This habit doesn't suit fluorescents, so it has to go. Either I give up most of my activities, or I keep the whole house, and all the separate activity areas lighted all the time.

Second, the things fail. A lot. I have NEVER had one last a single year, let alone the five years they claim. Perhaps a closet light that is used once a week might last five years. And when they fail, they often burn up the electronic ballast in a smelly, scary, fire-threatening way. BTW why do the electronics have to be thrown out when the bulb reaches the end of its life? Isn't this another unnecessary inefficiency, given how polluting it is to produce electronics?

Third, incandescents can be dimmed, which saves some power (not a huge amount), but VASTLY increases their lifetime, and saves the cost of providing multiple bulbs and fixtures for places where different amounts of light are desirable at different times. Most fluorescents can't be dimmed, and the ones that can, and the dimmers for them, are more expensive, and don't last any longer dimmed than at full brightness.

Fourth, they don't like the cold. This means you have to keep all of your house and outbuildings warm all the time, or have lights that don't work worth a rat's turd. Also counterproductive, especially in colder climates.

Fifth, the brightness claims are often exaggerated - many studies show this objectively, just search the internet for measurements instead of theoretical numbers. Curiously, many people rate bulbs brighter that are measurably, and observably, dimmer. Why? I dunno? Maybe they associate the whiter color with brighter light. After you get used to the different colored light, which may take months, you will find yourself adding lights and looking for nonexistent brighter bulbs to regain comfortable light levels for common activities. Sure, it's romantic to prepare meals in semi-darkness, but it gets real tedious after a while.

The technology has a long ways to go before it can duplicate the practical application of incandescent lights, energy efficiency aside. I'd like to see it happen, but the new lights don't light any better than early solid-state hi-fi's sounded, or than the earliest CDs sounded.

I also had a problem with early failure of this product. The claim on the package is that they warrant no defects for two years. For replacement, contact 866-326-BULB (2852). I've also complained to Lowe's by rating the product on their web site:

Any rating below average triggers a request for additional feedback on the product. Their is no web site for the manufacturer, so I figure they are an exclusive vendor for Lowes from China. Their US location is listed as:

4901 Gregg Road
Pico Rivera, CA 90660

We'll see if they'll make good on the warranty. I'll try different brands in the future!

With regards to Bright Effects bulbs from Lowes...

There appears to be two different bulbs, both by Bright Effects and both marketed as 13 watt replacements for 60 watt bulbs.

One is sold in a box and the other is sold in a bubble pack. And this is not just my imagination. If you examine the bases, they have different marking, numbers, etc (including different UL numbers).

Each of the three times that I have bought the Bright Effects bulbs that come in a box, at least one has failed within days. The ones that come in the boxes - in my experience at least - are a horrible product which no one should ever buy. Or at least, they are a product which I will never buy again. On the other hand, I have had good luck with the ones that are wrapped in a bubble pack (after several purchases during the last three years). They have, at least, never failed immediately and appear to last as long as I expect a bulb to last (and yes - I do find that all claims of longevity are exagerated. For both incandescent and flourescent bulbs). But in some rooms they have lasted for well over a year (depending on how heavily they are used) - and in all rooms they last long enough that - when I put in a new bulb - I normally can't recall exactly when I last replaced them.

Purchased some of the Bright Effects Bulbs at LOWES. Some lasted less than 10 hours in operation. Have tried the 866 number a number of times. No returns on phone calls. VERY POOR SERVICE.
I intend to take the issue up with LOWES corporate to see what their response is. If they are selling "JUNK" perhaps they will consider a different supplier. I have 65+ lights in one area and it is too much trouble to replace/return/etc. Too many lost man hours because of a poor product.

I purchased the 120 watt light and it lasted 2 months in our home. I got through to the 866 # and left a vmail. I am going back to my Lowes and show this blog and complain.

Bought 2 13w bulbs today for two-bulb fixture. One blew when I turned them on, not a good first impression. Took it back to Lowe's and got replacement. Both have been on for almost three hours now. So far so good, but the jury's still out.

I bought 4 Bright Effects "75 Watt Replacement" bulbs at Lowes in March. Now it is August and the bulbs are starting to fail. 5 months instead of 7 years!! I was searching the web for info on these bulbs and found this blog and others with people complaining about them. I'm extremely disappointed as I was trying to do the right thing and now I'm just stuck trying to find a place to send them to be recycled due to the mercury content. This stinks!

I purchased the 75 watt flood light replacement bulbs and they both have blown out in the few months I have had them. I contacted the 866 number, and they said they would send new ones (over 3 months ago) and never did. I bought new Sylvania replacements today as I have had zero problems with them in the past.


Contacted FEC about there bulbs. Had one go out after 3 months. They are sending out a new 2 pack. I have the Bright Effects Flood Lights. I also have the bulbs for the regular lights and have yet to have a problem. Here is the # I called and got straight thru. I asked for a customer service rep and stated I purchased from Lowes. (800) 543-FEIT (3348) Here is there actual websight

The 13 for 60 watts are not the only "Bright Effects" bulbs that are a bust. I have a display case that takes 25 watts, the package say's they should last 1500 hrs, they are lasting about 150 hrs. Lowes is getting these back!

Belynda, thanks for the great info. I called the number, got directly to customer service and they are sending new bulbs (they say). However, he said the numbers on the bulbs indicate that they were manufactured in 2002 and so their warranty is actually ended although I just purchased them one year ago.

For those of you shopping for new bulbs, I recommend going to Home Depot. We got bulbs for our former home and of 50+ bulbs, only two ever burned out in a three year period (indoor and outdoor use) and they were immediately replaced by calling the 800 number on the bulbs. In fact, I recall that they sent a postage paid package for us to mail the defective bulbs back to them so we didn't have to take care of the recycling.

Well I purchasrd some Bright Effects and you know they have really lasted even though I had them on dimmers which it states not to do. So I called the phone number on the package and I spoke to a young lady that informed me of why they should'nt be used that way. But hell I paid for them and I will use them as I want I mean no one will tell me how and when to .. any comments anyone else using them on dimmers.

Do not buy this brand! Many reports on this subject. I bought 2 120watt floods at Lowe's. Both lamps were rattled and did not work, the other lamps base fell off exposing two wires. No quality control.

I have 2-6 packs of not working bulbs .L13T6 on bulbs. The last straw was last night when I had one start smoking ! Then a loud buzz,flash,then it blew up sending glass all over the room ! I have a laser heat gun that checks temps on anything. I found temps over 152-F just before they blow ? Average temps are in the mid 140-F . Thanks for the numbers on this site .

I have used Compact and Not-So-Compact Fluorescent lights in my home for several years. In the past, I lived with the slow warm-up time, but recent purchases seemed to have corrected that little problem. About a month ago, I purchase 2 packages of "Bright Effects" "60 Watt Replacement Compact Fluorescent G25 Bulbs" for replacement of the globe-like bulbs on the vanity in our house. I have been extremely disappointed by the performance of these bulbs. Their warm-up-time is in excess of 2 minutes, and they emit light that gives our complexions a yellow color.

Additionally, one of the bulbs failed after about a week. Lowes did replace it without a problem. However, after several weeks of having an unhappy wife, I have replaced the Bright Effects bulbs with standard 60 Watt Globe-type bulbs.

For the record, we have found Lowes to be an honorable merchant. When a disabled family member needed a new hot water heater, Lowes sold us the hot water heater and supplies needed for the installation at cost. We do continue to shop there, but also do a product and price comparison to the Home Depot located just a few blocks away. To date, there is a pretty even split on our product / price comparison between Lowes and Home Depot.

The "Bright Effects" bulbs are a major disappointment and I will be contacting the import company for a full refund.

I have the same problem with these lightbulbs
I sent 4 backfor a refund or replacement after contacting manufacturer (I had to pay shipping,to send back burned out lights) they said they would give me an extra bulb to cover postage.
That was over 8 weeks ago . I still have not heard fron them and probably will not . Don't waste your money on this Junk

I purchased the Bright Effects L13T6 in March of 2007, we have had to replace 6 of the 15 bulbs and it has not been a year. We found you can not use timers or dimmers and these bulbs. I think someone needs to take another look at these bulbs are they really energy efficient if you replace them faster then ordinary bulbs?

Hi, I bought 6 bulbs at Thanksgiving 2007 (Item #80201), and one of them wasn't able to work yesterday. How can I get it be replaced?


I just had a bright effects bulb burn out after less than one year. They are junk and not worth the extra cost. I found that the G.E. bulbs work well and the nvision brand from home depot works well too.

I purchased two sets of six bulbs product # 80201 at lowes in Nov & Dec of 07. Product code on bulbs are L13T. Twelve bulbs total cost was 11.49 on sale at LOWES! It is now Feb of 09 and only one bulb has gone bad. It was being used in a bathroom light fixture. Called 1-866-326-2852 after a brief hold a customer service associate anwsered asked for some info from the bulb and where it was used (type of light fixture etc.). They then told me they would be sending a new bulb. These bulbs have been a great savings for me & the company is standing behind the product.

The downfall to the bulbs: These bulbs are not warrantied if they are used in light fixtures with dimmers or totally enclosed recessed fixtures. They get too hot and end up burning out quicker. If you have a dimmer on your lights or a remote controlled light these bulbs can not be used. They will not turn all the way off and flicker when you shut off your light switch (possible fire hazard).

Overall happy w/ purchase using in standard light fixtures.

Has any one bought any of the 23w LBP23TM2 bulbs? We had a scary experience with one of these, the light got left on while we were gone and when the lamp didn't work we removed the bulb to find that it looked like it had caught fire. The house smelled bad from the ordor. It's all burnt around the base of one end of the glass tube, I mean it's black. I had forgotten where I had bought these, but thanks to this blog I know now it's Lowes, I buy stuff there quite often.

I shudder to think what would have happened if the lamp were smaller and close to the apparent flame from this thing, we could have returned to a home in ashes.

I bought a light fixture with 3 of these 13W fluorescent bulbs included. Right away one wouldn't work right out of the fixture box. Lowes did replace it for free. However, in less than a year another one failed. I bought a single replacement at Lowes and was charged $6.98. Not such a money saver at all. Plus they are made in China. I, for one, am tired of buying stuff made in China or some other foreign country, and to think that incandescent light bulbs will soon be unavailable to us.
Why are we letting the government have such control over us?

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